COVID-19 has been tough on business owners and gift cards are a great way to support us. We’re all doing our part to stem the spread of COVID and that means we’re staying home more than ever with holidays being postponed and cancelled. Why not gift someone an hour of tranquility right here in Vancouver in the form of a registered massage therapy appointment?

Gift Certificates



The pre-set amounts correspond to the following durations of treatment (including tax and the $3 COVID surcharge)

45 minutes: $97.65
60 minutes: $123.90
75 minutes: $150.15
90 minutes: $181.65
Alternatively, you can choose to purchase a custom amount. 

Once you’ve purchased the gift card please send me a quick email at to tell me that you’ve purchased the card and the full name of the recipient. That way I’ll be ready for the recipient when they arrive for their appointment.